1. A minimum attendance of 75% in each subject is compulsory. Please note that students who do not have adequate attendance will not be eligible to write the examination.

2. Parents/ Guardians are requested to meet the teachers concerned to ascertain the attendance and progress of their wards.

3. Any act of misconduct, indiscipline, vandalism/ violence or damage caused to the college property, laboratory equipment, sports materials, library books, reference volumes, journals and periodicals, defacing of furniture and walls, etc., shall be seriously viewed for both penalty and punishment and the decision of the Principal is final in this matter.

4. The tests and examinations conducted by the college are compulsory.

5. Use of mobile phones inside the college premises is strictly prohibited.

6. Wearing of Helmets & License is compulsory for students who come to college on their own vehicles.
Students should strictly adhere to the dress code specified below :
i. The dress should not be sleeveless, tight fitting and transparent.
ii. Neatness and dignity in dress should be strictly observed.
iii. In any case if dress is found objectionable, any member of the staff can take an immediate action on the student.