Eternus:National level IT Fest

BCCA organizes Eternus a two days national level IT fest where students of BCA college all over the city participate in various technical competition. The event includes Icebreaker, Treasure Hunt ,Technical Debate, Lan gaming, IT quiz, Computer Programming and related activities. Crowd of over 1500 people witness the event, the event is organized at an ambient environment to give platform to the participating student to perform and exhibit their talent giving real-time exposure to the happening of the corporate world.

Ice Breaker: A stimulating and thought provoking activity that educates and entertains with the intent of leaving a permanent and long lasting impression while increasing communication and cohesiveness of the people involved.

Treasure Hunt: The cave you fear to enter, holda the treasure you seek. Unlock your skills and intelligence for grabbing the key to success. Every good step taken previously will lead a good step ahead.

Debate: The war of words. Participants from various college test their fighting ability. A very nice game where students are tested upon their verbal abilities and talent of arguing and doing group discussion.

IT Quiz: The world of knowledge. Perfect game to bring up the knowledge of students. Where questions related to currents affair, general knowledge, IT industry are asked.

Lan Gaming: The world of gamers. Game to bring out gaming talent across the state. This game consist of all latest lan based games where a gamers hunger to win is tested.


The students of BCCA as a organizer takes care of various preparations well before the event like accommodation for guest and participants

This event will explore the skill sets of the participants virtually giving them stimulation of technical scenario. A simple logic to solve any problem, exposing your knowledge, testing ones potential under stressful time constraints and standing tall amongst the crowd and much more in span of not more than 48 hours.

The students of BCCA as a organizer takes care of various preparations well before the event like accommodation for guest and participants press meet and event awareness, invitations, presentation, budgeting, desining, technical setup, catering and fund raising. A fund of rupees 4 to 5 lacks is generated via sponsorship namely collected from the well known industries and business ventures of Belgaum and other places.

Well known personalities are invited as guest at the inaugural and the valedictory functions of the event. Also judges are invited to identify the winners of the event and general championship. The winners are awarded with general championship  trophy, cash price and vouchers. The much awaited event of BCCA “ETERNUS” is organized every year in the month of February BCCA has presented 6 versions of ETERNUS so far wich happens to be a well known event among technical students in the state of Karnataka.

The management the staff members take an initiative to guide the students to perform the event in well organized manner.

This Two Day event will be graced renowed industrailists who have reached the zenieth of success. More than 1500 people will witness mega technical festival to make this endeavor successful.


Eternus v08

        The first version of eternus was introduced to the crowd of Belgaum.

Total 12 teams across Belgaum city had participated. After tough competition Saikh BCA college, Belgaum, won the General Championship. All the management members graced the event with their presence. Prominent personalities gave technical sessions.



Eternus v09

The college came up with second version of the eternus with more competition an

d new enthusiasm. Total 10 team had participated. Saikh BCA college, Belgaum, again bagged the General Championship. The theme for this year was essence of excellence.


Eternus v10

In this year college gave one more successful event where more than 15 colleges had participated. College had introduced new games during version like – lan gaming, best manager. It was very tough competition between all the colleges. Finally GSS BCA college, Belgaum won the General Championship.


Eternus v11

In the year 2011 college came up with 4th version of eternus with the theme “Open Source”. Linux platform based theme was given to this version. More than 12 teams had participated. After struggle of two days competition GSS BCA college bagged the general championship.


Eternus v12

With the 5th version of eternus college conducted the event with the participation of 13 teams. With huge competition Fatima Hubli BCA college won the General Championship trophy.


Eternus v13

With the theme of “Umbrella corporation” college conducted the 6th version of eternus with huge crowd and teams participating from different region. College introduced one new game in this version, “Ethnia” a event for outside local college which was a treasure hunt competition. After two days of mind freaking competition Acharya Banglore BCA college won the General Championship.


Eternus v14



Eternus v17