An e-optics is an exciting new innovative way to get information to our staff, students, visitors.

e-optics, which is an integrated technology with e-Server which helps to display real time information on the remotely located monitor(LCD/LED Screen).

It works wirelessly which gathers information from WLAN and displays it on the monitor. The Master of the e-Optics is the e-Server which enabled the e-Optic to display the information 24*7.

  • Low power devices
  • Secure operating system – no need to worry about viruses or Windows error messages
  • Easy to setup and maintain – no need to continually patch or update
  • Can be programmed to turn screens off when not in use
  • Easy to operate
  • Low Cost
  • Control a single notice board screen
  • Works over local network

Advantages of e-optics

e-optics have many advantages when compared to traditional paper-based notice boards or posters. Some of these advantages are:

  • Instant information updates – no need to walk round pinning up lots of notices or posters.
  • Environmentally friendly – reduce paper and printer toner usage and costs
  • More visual messages – visual messages stand out more and attract attention
  • Live information – we can display any live information through internet.
  • Relevant notices – set an expiry date to ensure notices are only shown when relevant