Aastitva :

 Woman plays a vital role in the society when their excellence in the field of educations, sports, corporate sector various public & government departments women’s also have their valuable presence in the field of Information Technology. To feel the presence of such excellence Bharatesh College of Computer Applications has invited “Aastitva” Women’s  empowerment & welfare cell for the students of  the college. The vision of Aastitva  is to provide the necessary skill programs to empower & give them required benefits to do better in further career and apply necessary skills whenever required. The mission of the cell is to provide short – term programs in the form of lectures, workshops, outdoor activities are conducted where industrialist, professionalism are invited to guide the students. The Aastitva terms comprises of lady co-coordinator one among the staff members girl students from each year batch of bca course. The cell will also see that proper medical and legal guideline is given as a compulsory activity of Aastitva program. The aastitva team will also will take care of necessary publicity of the programs which are conducted to bring awareness in public about such association in colleges. The team also look after conducting various activities regularly under the leadership of aastitva co-coordinator.

Many functions were organized under Aastitva few of them are :

  • Aastitva was inaugurated on 26 November 2011 by Gynecologist Dr. Aradhana. Chatre, MD along with chairman of Bharatesh college of Computer applications Shri Bhushan Mirji and our Principal Mr. Mahesh Mardolkar and faculties of  our BCCA family.

And  Dr. Aradhana. Chatre guided the girls about health care, during younger age period what all physical changes occur in our body and how to take care of our self was suggested by her.

  • On 2nd February 2012 Mrs. Chetana Biraj, LLB(lawyer) spoke about women’s rights and their importance to build society. She also interacted with the girls and made them aware regarding legal rights the women are having.
  • We have also visited The NGO “Spandana”. And helped the Spandana girl during her marriage by presenting her a necessary things of her life.
  • On 9th March 2012 Miss.Pragathi Naik A zone Manager of Avon Company and Miss.Amruta Hatpaki an Avon representative and a beautician. They encouraged the girls for grooming themselves and also suggested the beauty tips about skin care, hair care etc. they guided the girls so that they can face in this competitive world with their appearance.
  • 21st July 2012 Miss. Meenal Birje a fashion designer encouraged the girls for the sense of style and design. And also good techniques of fabrics sewing. She guided to enter different competitions to get your own designs and can make it more creative.
  • On 7th September 2012 Aastitva Family had a visit to Ashwini eye hospital and met the eye surgeon Dr.Prema Gramopadhye, and donated Rs. 1500/- for one poor lady patient’s lens, which made that lady to see the beautiful world.
  • In February 2013 Lioness club of Belgaum had given the seminar on “Anandi jivnache aadhyatma” wherethe students were taught how to live peaceful life. And also Aastitva conducted many competitions such as Rangoli, mehandi, best of waste and etc.

Women and their Rights


The second session of Aastiva was held by mrs.chetan biraj. LLB (lawyer). Women’s rights are entitlements and freedoms claimed for womens and girls of all ages in many societies. In some places these rights are institutionalized or supported by law, local custom and behavior, whereas in others they may be ignored or suppressed. She interacted with the girls, made them aware recording the legal rights, the women are having girls got to know many rights and laws which they were unknown about. She also encouraged the girls, by saying them to stand alone on their own in this society.


Aastitva  family with Mrs.Chetan Biraj







“Women” has “man” in it

“mrs” has “male” in it

“Female” has “male” in it

“she” has “he” in it

“heroine” has “hero” in it

So ”boys” are always incomplete without “girls”


Aastitva and Spandana:


On 6th feb 2012,Aastitva family had a visit  to a spandana  Network  center,a WGO of HIV people .We spent a wonderful time, with 40 childrens suffering from “HIV” Nowadays people think  that Hiv gets spread from person to person just handshaking or getting contact  with them but this thinking is wrong. To make people aware of this thing that HIV cannot spread in such way. It just spreads by injection, sexual contact..etc . we have also helped spandana girl during her marriage by presenting her the necessary things in her life. This was our contribution towards spandana.

 Spandana contactNo:9611404408

 Our Care and Love towards spandana


S=Sets you free

M=Makes you special

I=Increases your face value

L=Lifts up your spirit

E=Erases all your Tension

Our Best wishes to Spandana Always Keep smiling……


Beauty and Art:


The third session was held by Miss. Pragathi Naik, a zone manager of Avon company and Miss Amruta Hatpaki ,an Avon representative and a Beautician . personal grooming themselves. And also suggested the beauty tips about skin care, hair care…etc. They guided the girls , so that they can face in this competitive word. With their appearance.

In this session we also celebrated Women’s day and on this  occasion  we had organized a Rangoli competition to encourage the talents of girls in Art and culture i.e creativity.


Vishakha(Session on Sexual Harrassment Awareness)


Session inauguration


     Vishakha session

On Saturday 12th July 2014, Bharatesh College of Computer Applications had conducted an event named Vishakha (Empowering women) at 11:30am. All the dignitaries graced the delightful moment by lighting of lamp and felicitation to all the dignitaries was done by the principal. Then there was presentation about Vishakha to brief the audience about the session, later there was a welcome speech by Principal Prof.Mahesh Mardolkar and he spoke few words regarding the event.

Dr.Usha Kadolli was invited as the chief guest for the session. Dr.Usha Kodolli has completed her BAM’S CAFÉ DNHE Professional experience and has worked for 3 years with Renuka Sugars as a medical officer from the year 2011 to 2013. And from the year 2013 till date is working in her own clinic.

The topic for the session was”Sexual Harassment”. She  interacted with them, suggested some aware full thoughts which helps them going in a proper way and also made them awake with the news going on in the world against women. She guided them to fight against the same and to be brave enough. Later we had questions from the audience which were answered by Dr.kadolli . And lastly the vice principal of our college Prof. Pallavi Kundkal ended up the session with vote of thanks and a token of regards. The session got finished at 1:30 pm.