Bharatesh College Of Computer Applications, Belagavi had conducted an inhouse IT fest Aavishkar V.22 Your Security our passion. on 27th July 2022 at The Roopali Conventional Hall.
Total 9 teams had participated in the event. Eagle eyes team won the General Championship. The Aavishkar intended to bring out the best out of students. It was a wonderful platform for the students to showcase their strengths and overcome shortcomings. The event was spread over a period of one-day consisting of various events like Ice-Breaker, Debate, Quiz, Coding, Designing and Entertainment.
The Chief guest for the Inaugural function was Dr.Dayanand Savakar Chairman, CS Dept RCU Belagavi, he said that the new NEP syllabus for all degree students include extra curriculum activity which has 2 credits. So it’s very much important to engage the students in such events. Most of the time Application based Research is done in BCA , we have to enter into a core Research. To carry out the core Research we should include Mathematical subject in the BCA degree. Shri Rajeev Doddanavar Vice-Chairman, BET graced the function and told all the students to have driving license, passport and video resume. Miss Sahitya Doddannavar Governing Council member of BET’s Bharatesh BCA addressed the gathering and urged students to develop the skills like physical, mental and technical.
The Chief Guest for the Valedictory function was Dr. Prasad Daddikar Director BET GBS, Belagavi. Sir told students that winning or loosing is secondary but participation is very important. And he also told students to get ready and be professional as the world is waiting for you. Dr. Mahesh Mardolkar Principal BCCA addressed the gathering and congratulated all the teams for participating in the event.
Governing Council member of BET’s Bharatesh BCA Rajratan Doddanavar, Bharatesh BCA Vice-Principal Mrs Smita Desai, staff and students were present for the event.

From left to right Governing Council member of Bharatesh BCA Miss Sahitya Doddannavar, Chief guest for the Inaugural function Dr. Dayanand Savakar Chairman CS Dept RCU Belagavi, Shri Rajeev Doddanavar Vice-Chairman BET, Principal Dr. Mahesh Mardolkar, Professor. S. B. Kulkarni, Governing Council member of Bharatesh BCA Rajratan Doddanavar.

Principal BET’s Bharatesh BCA Dr. Mahesh Mardolkar Felicitating the Chief guest Dr. Dayanand Savakar Chairman, CS Department, RCU Belagavi

From left to right Assistant Professor Mrs. Vijaylaxmi Rao, Vice Principal Mrs. Smita Desai, Principal Dr. Mahesh Mardolkar, The Chief guest Dr. Prasad Daddikar, Professor. S. B. Kulkarni with GC winning team.